Why choose PGF500.com?

Plan your business. Boost your Company

We developed an integrated method for you to create and develop a brand new strategy. Starting with the Business Model Canvas, you can elaborate an Executive Summary, then a Business plan so you can have the perfect path for your Pitch. All of these functionalities will give you the best presentation to attract new investors.

About the project

Every company has a story to tell and ours has also an innovative instrument to provide for you as a user.
This was the reason why we decided to make everything easier for the Startup world and not only, share it with you and provide you the best Financing resources when the process is done.In 2017 we started working on this platform that allows you to take a peek at the business world differently and assist you with the implementation of the idea from the Seed level to the Later Stage.

We are unique on the market place as the only company that provides all the tools needed to create your MVP and gives you the option to get finance for it.

“Startup success can be engineered by following the process, which means it can be learned, which means it can be taught.”

The size and maturity of the startup ecosystem, where the startup is launched and where it grows have an effect on the volume and success of the startups.

How PGF500 Works?

Use our experience to safely land on the market and boosting your Company

Business Model Canvas

The way to plan your future. Perfectly

Executive Summary

The heart to illustrate your business. Clearly

Executive Summary

The heart to illustrate your business. Clearly

Business Plan

The heart to illustrate your business. Safely


The friend to magnetize the investors. Easily


The friend to magnetize the investors. Easily


Complete your process, then give a chance on you with our services

  • Equity Crowdfunding
  • One to one meetings with an investor
  • Pitch with an audience of investors
  • Send your project to an investors’ platform

Read Our Documents

Here is our full documents that help you to understand about us.

Our whitepaper is available in the following languages:



Pierluigi Merico

CEO & Founder, digital business, investor, crypto/token, PGF500 Platform (IT) and (CH)

Francesco Ago

Co-founder, Lawyer

Gabriella Greco

Co-founder, digital business at PGF500 Platform (IT) and (CH)

Riccardo Pazzani

Co-founder, digital business at PGF500 Platform (IT) and (CH)

Paolo Siligoni


Andrea Croci

Blockchain Advisor

Athos Cereghetti

Financial Advisor

Nicola Maganetti

IT Consultant

Giorgia Grassi

Senior Account Executive

Swiss Crowd

Technological Partner


Technological Partner


Technological Partner


Registration is mandatory if you want to join PGF500 ICO.
Make sure you own private keys of ETH ADDRESS.
PGF7T tokens will be sent to that address.
DO NOT ENTER Exchange wallets.


Set Gas Limit 250,000
Set Gwei 20
Minimum Amount 0.05 ETH
Maximum Amount without KYC 20 ETH

The registration to the ICO is no longer available

PGF500 Token Sale Is CLOSED!

 For join into our ICO, send at this Ethereum Address


Pre-ICO : Nov 3rd 2018 00.00 CEST – Apr 15th 2019 23.59 CEST
1 PGF7T = 0.10 €

Public ICO : Apr 16th 2019 00.00 CEST – Apr 30rd 2019 23.59 CEST
1 PGF7T = 0.30 €

More details will be available soon on your dashboard


Q4 2018 – Q1 2019

Functional Release

  • PGF7T operation on www.pgf500.com
  • Venture Capital connection ready

Q2 2019

Stable release 1.0

  • Rockets Hub for startup/SME
  • Professional services, access for startups/SMEs to VCs by APIs system
  • Secure and distributable APIs with access to developers

Q3-Q4 2019

Stable release 2.0

  • AI system for business analysis
  • Pgf500.com Multi language
  • Blockchain Rockets Hub
  • Dapps

Q1-Q4 2020

Stable release 3.0

  • Deployment of Blockchain Rockets Hub
  • PGF500 Platform
  • iOS, Android apps

Q1 2021


  • Listing on the European stock exchange (Zurich or London)
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